1971 Corvette VIN Decodeing

A 1971 VIN number will consist of 13 symbols. The tag will be located on the drivers side pillar post and visible through the windshield. A typical VIN number will look like this:

Here's the breakdown of what the VIN means:
The first symbol will always be a "1" and it denotes the Chevrolet division of General Motors.
Symbols two and three will be "94" and denote the Corvette model.
Symbols four and five denote the body style. "37" = Coupe, "67" = Roadster
Symbol six will be "1" and denotes the year 1971.
Symbol seven will be "S" and denotes the build location as St. Louis.
The final six symbols is the build sequence starting with "100001" and ending with "120801".

The example VIN of "194371S103627" decodes as a 1971 Chevrolet Corvette coupe built which was the 3,627th Corvette built at the St. Louis plant. ALL Corvettes in 1971 were built in St. Louis.