1971 Corvette Headlight Washers

If your car was built in February 1971 (Date codes G01 - G28) and has the factory headlight washers, please let us know. February cars with washers will be listed here.
This project is suggested by a NCRS judge and fellow member and will help in completing or confirming current information.
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Build # Date Washers?
06512 F14 No. The car does have 'D' shaped holes. It also has the washer hoses installed in the hose bundle. It also has a 5 port pump. One owner car!
07232 F21 No. But does have the 5 port washer and washer hoses cut at the master cylinder. A short red striped loop connects the washer ports on the pump.
07336 F21 No- but does have 'D' shaped holes in one bezel, and also has the 5 port pump.
07693 F25 No holes but has 5 port pump. A hose is routed forward to the radiator but unconnected on both ends.
08879 ? Unkown / Customized
08913 G05 Has 5 Port Washers and 'D' Shaped Holes in Bezels.
09067 G08 No washers, holes, or 5 port pump.
09117 G08 No - but does have 'D' shaped holes in drivers side bezel.
09177 G08 No - but does have 'D' shaped holes in one bezel.
09210 G09 No
10197 - No
10266 G18 No
10452 ? No
10480 G22 No
11064 March No - but has 5 port pump!