1971 Corvette LS5 Valve Covers

LS5 cars with build numbers up to 4000 had chrome valve covers. If you have a LS5 car with chrome covers and your build number is greater than 4000 please let us know. The discrepancies over 4000 will be listed here.
This project is suggested by a NCRS judge and fellow member and will help in completing or confirming current information.
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Build # Chrome?
01369 Yes
01598 No
02643 No - But does have Tonawanda Decal on Pass Cover
05254 Yes - with Tonowanda decals.
06281 No
07172 No
07232 Yes, appear original with a Tonawanda sticker.
07935 No - 30,000 original miles car
10197 Yes - but unsure if OEM
10266 No
10452 Yes - but thought to be added later.
10480 Yes - but may have been added.
11064 No
14230 Chrome covers but unsure if OEM.
15065 No
15195 Unknown / Aftermarket
15910 No
17725 No