1971 Corvette Glass Information

1971 was the year that GM changed from LOF Safety Plate to Safety Flo-Lite. So early cars will have the safety plate glass while later cars recieved the Flo-Lite.

Windshield = AS1
Door Glass = AS2
Rear Window (Coupe) = AS2
Rear Window (Hard Top) = AS4 (plastic)
Rear Window (Soft Top) = AS6

The glass was also coded by date of manufacture. The first symbol denotes the month while the second denotes the year. Glass used on 1971 models most likely will have been manufactured in 1970 (T) or 1971 (N).
The date codes are as follows:
NT JAN 1970 NN JAN 1971
XT FEB 1970 XN FEB 1971
LT MAR 1970 LN MAR 1971
GT APR 1970 GN APR 1971
JT MAY 1970 JN MAY 1971
IT JUN 1970 IN JUN 1971
UT JUL 1970 UN JUL 1971
TT AUG 1970 TN AUG 1971
AT SEP 1970 AN SEP 1971
YT OCT 1970 YN OCT 1971
CT NOV 1970 CN NOV 1971
VT DEC 1970 VN DEC 1971