Corvette Frame Changes 1963 to 1982

We all know that alot of Corvettes have mild to severe rust problems. This is one of the most difficult problems to fix. One solution is to repair your original frame but many times it's best to just swap the old one out and put a new one in. But what years will fit? Exactly what are the changes. The following will detail known frame differences. Please email any info you may have that will help make this page correct. Also, I found these pics wherever I could. If a pic is yours and you want it removed or want credit for it please email.

All 1963 to 1982 frame are of the same basic design. However, changes did occur some easy to change and others not so easy.

1968 - 1979 frames with automatic transmissions had removeable crossmembers. 1968 - 1979 frames with manual transmissions had a welded in crossmember. 1980 and 1981 frames all had the removeable crossmember regardless of the transmission.

1963 - Frame introduced.

1964 - Frame body mount brackets changed for new rubber cushion body mounts.

1964 - Small triangular gussets added to the kickup area for strength.

Early 1965 - Slot added in front of rear wheels to accomodate side exhaust mounting. Slot most likely carried over through the C3 run in 1982. Verified still in frame in 1981.

Early 1965 - Indent added into the engine crossmember to clear larger pulleys.

1968 - Rear Crossmember changed.

1968 - Height and location of body mounts changed due to new body design.

Mid 1968 - Extra gussets added in the kickup area on all cars.

1973 - Body Mounts lowered slightly to accomodate thicker rubber bushings.

1975 - Hydraulic bumper shocks added, frame modified in that area.

1976 - Left side exhaust mount on the transmission crossmember was eliminated.

1978 - Gas tank support crossmember changed.

1978 - Rear crossmember changed with new hatch glass and tank mounting.

1980 - Clutch rod frame bracket now .125 thick and bolted on. Previously was .375 thick and welded on.

1980 - Carrier support crossmember changed. Assembly is now bolted in.